Starting out, I began racing triathlons for fun while living in the Philippines in 2012. I didn't have a serious athlete background but enjoyed many age-group podium finishes as over the next few years while working in the sports and lifestyle industry as a commercial sports model. 

Mid 2015 - I decided to focus on pursuing performance. Immersed in 8 weeks of camp in Europe and Asia, I began building higher intensity and frequency. Working with my new coach Brett Sutton helped reprogram my technique and tailor a training program to suit my physiology and goals. Training with the Trisutto squad has helped me dig deep beyond previous limits. Transitioning from AG to full-time Elite training as a Pro has been an exciting journey I wouldn't trade for anything. 


Everyday I live my dream by experiencing grit, presence, and strength. When I surpass my expectations of a session and push beyond the mental wall, I feel liberated and infinite. That's my why. My personal motivation lies not only in the joy of pursuing the challenges, but my desire to share my journey with others. It's never too late to seek new levels of fitness and well-being for competitive and recreational athletes alike. My pursuit of higher performance is complemented by my hope to inspire all athletes to seek the best in themselves as well.


I split my time between the Philippines, California, and training camps in various locations. Current year of 2018 has me based majority of the year in PH and southeast Asia. Representing PHI on the National Philippine Team is an honor and I intend to bring more light to the Philippine sports scene. One of my goals is to compete at the 2020 Olympics, representing Philippines.