[Train Unlimited]

My love for swim instructing began in '06. Since then I've worked with multitudes of youth of all levels and adult newbies to guide better implementation of technique for power and efficiency.  My ongoing personal evolution as a triathlete provides a unique lens into the nuances of swimming with power - not just being graceful in the water. I understand that every individual athlete may require a different approach to learning and appreciate the most important nuggets of wisdom I've been accumulating over the years. 


As a teacher and student of sport, I'm constantly progressing. I don't underestimate the value of quality coaching and how it can guide an athlete's growth. As with gaining any skill, commitment and frequent practice are key. Muscle memory requires perpetual reinforcing and dedicated repetition.  One lesson does not guarantee results, but long-term commitment and quality, mindful practice does. For private lessons, I recommend 2x per week on average (or more for the very aggressive athlete), with solo practice *every* non-lesson day. The greatest improvements are realized with the most impeccable baby-steps and consistency. 


Lessons entail: assessment of form and current skill, identification of weaknesses, practice of specific drills and sets to build strength for open water confidence, video recording for visual review (plus video edit upon request), and recommended "pool home work." 


As a full-time athlete, my coaching is limited to a small number of swimmers. However when I do take someone on, I intend to bring the most value possible to their swim progression. If you would like to schedule lessons, please request your desired time here. Time slots are flexible depending on my daily training schedule.